Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ridding the Guilt to Make Gains Pt.1

Fear of falling on your fitness journey will only lead poor results. I want to share with you my thoughts on ways to rethink your motivation so you never want to skip a workout - but couldn't care less even if you do.

Has your workout routine become a chore that you need to check off your "to-do" list? Do your force yourself into the gym for fear of gaining weight or missing your daily chat with your walking  buddy as you leisurely walk on the treadmill....for an hour or it a consequence of punishment you choose because you dranked too much or ate the wrong food choices?

After reading the above statements, does any of it sounds familiar? Now may be a good time to rethink your relationship with fitness. Remember what you're doing is for yourself because exercise is one of the truest forms self-love. Taking care of yourself. Watching how you care for your self and what you're putting in your body will show up through aging process.

Negative pressure due to fear of failure will only motivate you temporarily and most like will cause you to rebel against your fitness goals. That's "fitness goal". Having a goal beyond just losing weight is always a great motivator for success. Example: to have better posture, stronger bones, great stamina and endurance or sculpt body. Your motivation is much more likely to last if it comes from a positive place.

In exercising we work to care of our bodies and our minds, to live long and healthy lives. Yes we want to all look physically great and looking great makes us feel great. (Though it should be the other way around.) when this becomes our sole focus of our fitness goals we tend to sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts, like we're not reaching our weight goals fast enough, my clothes still don't fit right or yeah I can skip exercising its not working anyways. We definitely don't want our thoughts to hinder us from why we originally started exercising. We must always remember it reward ourselves along way and never see bodies in a negative way.

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