Saturday, May 24, 2014

What does it mean to eat natural?

A while ago, i did a piece on "What is NOT in Whole Food, such as:

Growth Hormones
Hormone Disrupters
Toxic Metals (i.e. arsenic)
Aflatoxins (fungal by products) etc.

I read an article a while after writing that blog on organic foods. The article was questioning the nutritional advantages of eating organic. It may a some facts in the statement that organic foods are't any more nutritious than non-organic foods. That would be an individual decision. However, there are other benefits you may find just as rewarding. Some of the comments will piggy back off what i wrote, others will give you more insight.

No Pesticides- It was found that organic foods contained substantially lower levels of pesticides. The is a highly valuable benefit, considering that pesticides are considered to be connected to many diseases, cancers, kill cells, and infertility. The chemical contact from the pesticides are believed to have also proved that exposure to pesticides is reduced by approximately 90% when eating organic.

No GMO's - My questions is "why modify foods? Well, most GMO's have been modified to withstand higher doses of some type of pesticide Studies show that 90% of non-organic foods contain GMO material. On the other hand organic foods forbid any use of GMO's.

No Antibiotics - Antibiotics have been prevalent in farming to accelerate the growth process (meats on steroids; makes meats fatter) have been taking the lives of thousands of Americans. 80% of the antibiotics used in the U.S. go to feed livestock, in order to fatten them up quicker. If antibiotics can be fatal to animals, just imagine what it can do to humans. Can these same antibiotics make humans fat? of course, they can. Organic farmers are also required to feed their animals food not containing GMO's, and to give them room to roam around. That why they're called "cage free".

They don't eat human sewage. Non-organic farmers are not allowed to use human sewage from municipal water treatment plants and fields, it's illegal. Organic certification banned the use of sewage in their fields.

No scary additives. Processed foods usually have additives in them that have been tested for health side-effects, using Americans as human guinea pigs for experimentation purposes. Some has been determined to cause brain cell damage!

Now ask yourself, are the benefits enough for you to determine if the "cost" a major factor in eating organic.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Achieving Total Life Balance

Achieving the ability to master body balance techniques may help you build emotional strength. Determining where you stand emotionally may help you master body balance techniques.

Many of us take for granite, the importance of being and finding your center in your own life. I've been told on a number of occasions how centered I am and how that person wish they cold be centered. It is a task because of how busy i am, I still master to not allow my world to be turned upside down.  It's a balancing act that can be grueling. Achieving physical prowess takes hours of practice, and looking inward to access your true emotions can be exhausting. Both are totally worth the effort. Muscles hold you tall. Self-esteem hold you tall and confidante.

For a beginner, developing body balance skills requires great devotion and patience. Take your time. Don't get frustrated with yourself. Be patient with your new found skills as you allow them time to develop. It's a personal journey (not a competition) that brings clarity, flexibility and a new level of found confidence. The reward is a steady body and calm mind. Sometimes life can be so busy and our thoughts can become so cluttered until we feel overwhelmed. You must take time to achieve total balance. You owe it to yourself.

"Loving You"

Friday, May 2, 2014

Power to the Dreamer

Power to the Dreamer.

Set you sights.

Tap in.

Get charged.
Sweat a little.
Sweat a lot.
Sweat longer.
Be confident.
Be confidante.
Stay calm.
Have dessert.
Be sweet.
Be tenacious.
Be persistent.
Expect resistance.
Stay focus.
Burn more.
Burn longer. 
Get moving.
Keep a steady pace.
Stay the course.
Keep running.
Don't stop.
You're almost there. 
You're so close.
Keep chasing your dream(s)!
Don't give up.
"Power to the Dreamer"!!!