Friday, June 25, 2010

Women’s Health – Birthdays Don’t Add-Up, Hormonal Milestones Do

A hot area of research is body composition, the proportions of fat, muscle, and bone that make up total body weight.

Women live longer than men for a multitude of reasons – which means not only women to save 20% more to live off, biological, behavioral, social, psychological. However, these days, chronological age is only a tiny piece of the story. Thanks to the new advancement study of women medicine better nutrition, more physical activity, and a decline in smoking, the rate of disabilities among seniors has dropped dramatically. There are many peri-menopausal or menopausal women are running marathons or climbing mountains at 50-plus. I’m excited about life and look forward to the adventures I desire to do at age 50.

To take a groundbreaking view of female health, we must take our Quest-for-Life a step further. Instead of fixating on age to determine what considered the “Normal-Average” activity for a 43-year old woman, let’s consider speaking in terms of Milestones. Let’s consider our health and body’s physical fitness during each Hormonal Milestones:

• Milestone 1: Menstruation to First Pregnancy

• Milestone 2: The Reproductive Years

• Milestone 3: Peri-menopause

• Milestone 4: Beyond Menopause

Each of the Milestone represents a significant shift in our hormonal makeup and have a significant implication for our health. An example to consider would be in the first Milestone, the surge of estrogen and other female hormones affect our hearts, our bones, our fat storage, our trouble-spot areas and our emotions.

Its time out for musing or obsessing about something without doing anything about it, we need to “just do it.” Well, that’s it, put it to an end. No more agonizing that you’re too big to go to the gym. No more putting off walks until you find the perfect pair of tennis shoes. You already know what to do. Well I’m here to help you and assist you with getting it done. You can easily get a personal trainer to training in the privacy of your home or join a bootcamp, where you can meet other like minded women and better relate to.

I want to challenge you to a 16-week Challenge. Each segment is an ongoing stimulation of personal challenges – in which you are either shedding or maintaining weight – by putting on muscle mass and decreasing body fat – incorporating proper eating habits – that you cycle through for a lifestyle change.

Whether it’s pregnancy, illness, surgery, serious stress – or anything that causes you lose weight and regain it, you’ll have the necessary tools to stay mentally and physically fit. {Who knows maybe you’ll be inspired to join Living Life Golden 100,000 Bootcamp Weight loss Challenge ( and have a chance to win some cold hard cash.}