Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Women’s Health – A Formula that Wins: Brains-Mouth-Weight (BMW)

There is such a thing for women that The Well Woman Research Organization ( use, as a blueprint for being and staying physically and mentally fit at every stage of her life, even with her continual care giving and her unique stressors. Using BMW to guide your challenges is the best to achieve her fittest, healthiest body, regardless of her age, health or physical condition.

The BMW Formula includes a woman’s…..

• Attitude about balancing and managing the stresses of her life while caring for and honoring her mind and body (Brains)

• Way of nourishing herself to optimize her body composition and health (Mouth)

• Use of specific physical activity to attain and sustain her optimal body comp and performance (Weight)

With Brains: Women Power Brain Principles component will teach you how to navigate life stresses in a way that you won’t keep falling off your own daily radar screen. The Brain Mentality component also helps develop your own Motivational Target-your own way of thinking that keeps you on track, no matter how tough your day can be. You will learn some Mental Stimulating Principles, that serves as the foundation which you will achieve your Mouth and Weight objectives.

In the Mouth: Women Power Eating Method part of the formula, you will learn how to fuel yourselves to get leaner and optimize your female body composition. During this process you will learn how “to lose” weight is a not very promising, and that your bones and muscles need to be fed appropriately while you shed life-threatening excessive body fat.

In the Muscle: Women in Training Method component, teaches you how to perform the bottom-line amount of physical activity necessary to achieve your personal-best body composition. You will learn to refrain from calculating the amount of time you exercise but the level of intensity you put into exercises. (Example: instead of walking for an hour…why not, see how many times you make it around the block in an hour, while walking at a brisk pace. After each week see how many times you’ve walk while increasing the speed to gain another lap. Then to increase intensity after several weeks trying walking with 3, 5 or 10lbs weights or wearing a weight vest. Start off with 10 pound weights and increasing the amount of weights after several weeks while still keeping the consistency of the steps and pace.)

Pulling the whole program together, will show how to defeat a woman’s biggest obstacle: her self – lack of faith.

The best part about the BMW Formula is that it keeps the body every women to Live Life Golden. You can define for yourself what’s challenging. You can have a program that’s customized to fit your unique lifestyle, temperament and preferences.