Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Health Benefits of Flaxseed

Health Benefits of Flaxseed

Flaxseed oil comes from the flax plant, and it is rich in omega-3, omega-5 and omega-9 essential fatty acids. It also contains fiber, prc often come in the form of softgel, and a daily intake can help to promote the health of numerous systems in the body.

The Cardiovascular System

Flaxseed oil has been known to lower cholesterol and protect the heart from disease, as well as regulate blood pressure.


Because of its fiber content, flaxseed oil promotes healthy and efficient digestion. It can also help to sooth stomach ulcers.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Flaxseed oil can help to ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis by reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

The Immune System

The antioxidants in flaxseed oil promote a healthy immune system, and can also work ot boost your energy levels.

Healing Properties

Flaxseed oil helps to accelerate the healing time of bruises and sprains. It also aids weary muscles in recovering more quickly.

Preventing Cancer

Flaxseed oil has been known to reduce the risk of cancer thanks to its high concentration of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Breakthrough!!

I consider myself as an extreme optimist. I set out on a journey years ago not knowing exactly what it was that I wanted to do. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me. It was through perseverance that The Well Woman Research Organization dba was birthed and through adversity the business was conceived. The Legacy begins….and I’m “Living my life like its Golden” giving Hope to others. I’ve believe I’ve found my purpose – The Well Woman Research Organization.

There a book I read years ago, Fight Fat after Forty, as approaching what was said to be an undesirable age “40”. Not so undesirable. I’m loving it! I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about my body. After being introduced to the world of stress – and the fat connection it was and still is life changing. I now have made it my mission to help educate the world on preventing Toxic Fat that sits around our abdominal area. For women the stubborn fat inside your belly that accumulates when stress is out of control has been linked to the cause of many chronic diseases.

Women’s health is getting worse! More than 35 percent of women carry at least 50 pounds more than what’s recommended for optimal health. What’s painful and frightening at the same time is our daughters are becoming so sedentary and overweight, they risk being the first generation to not live as long as their parents. The most successful hopeful plan for today’s women would have to factor in the realities of a women’s whole life – a full-time career, motherhood, being a wife (for some), endless care giving, and the stress the comes with doing it all. There’s significant importance of specific nutrients for women’s health like calcium, iron and folic acid. This is important why? Because it’s need to accommodate the fluctuations in mood, energy, and appetite, that happens around the time before and during a women monthly cycle or during peri-menopause. During this stressful time it would also address issues of emotional eating and poor body image – issues that women struggle with on a daily basis, while men and children alike are now facing too.

The word challenge for me has taken on a new meaning…suggesting hope, possibility and empowerment. Accepting the challenge means quitting is not an option.

The mind/body programs suggest as transformation, which synthesizes the newest science; my expertise in the fields of fitness, nutrition, stress and metabolism; and my experience of helping to teach people about revitalizing their health and their lives. The Well Woman Research Organization refined programs, a natural, healthier, interactive plan for healthier living that incorporates information and nutrition, exercise, and stress management specifically chosen to help achieve Living a Golden Life!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's a Hand Full of candy Worth to You?

We all crave something sweet or crunch from time to time. However, with candy, mini-crackers, nuts and other loose snacks, the amount you can hold in the center of your hand can exceed the serving size-especially if you are a man with large hands. Most of us have very little calories to spare within a day, once we've had our breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Depending upon your age, gender and how physically active you are, eating a well-balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, whole-grain foods, low-or non-fat dairy and lean proteins to get the essentials nutrients your body needs (on a daily basis) may leave you with “maybe” an extra 100 – 150 calories t indulge in a food that supplies empty calories., if you want to keep from gaining weight. If you don’t cut calories elsewhere – for example, using skim milk in your cereal, using a non-caloric sweetener in your coffee or not drinking alcohol – you may not be able to work candy or other snacks into your diet without gaining weight.

According the product package Nutrition Fact labeling, one serving size of candy coated chocolate m-m candies is 34 grams or 35 pieces, Calories 180; Total Fat 12g; Saturated Fat 7g; Cholesterol 10mg; Sodium 55mg; Carbohydrates 18g; Fiber 1g; Sugar 16g; Protein 2g;

We asked a 50-year old man, a 30-year old women and a 10 year old girl to grab a handful of the candies from a bowl, counted up how many of them each had nestled in the palms of their hands and calculated the nutritional values of each handful using the Nutrition Fact label on the back of the package.

Gender Calories Total Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbohydrates Fiber Sugar Protein:

Adult Man (41 pieces) 210 14 8g 0g 10mg 65mf 21g 1 19g 3g

Adult Woman (32 pieces) 164 11g 6g 0g 8mg 51mg 16g 0.6 15g 2g

Child (22 pieces) 113 7g 4g 0g 5mg 35mg 11g 0g 10g 1.5g