Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weight Loss and Wellness for Life Seminar

                                           Weight Loss  and Wellness for Life Seminar 

                                                  Unlock the Key to a New You 
                                        Advance Personalized Weight Management 

                               Learn how Genetics play a role in your Weight Management 
                                           * Join the 90 Day Challenge to a Better You 
                                     * Nutrition - Daily nutritional and Digestive Support 
                                                 3 Key Foundational Supplements 
                                            * How to unlock your body's energy 

                              Featuring Certified Nutritionist Angel'a M. Jones, Houston Texas 
                                        When:  Saturday,  June 29, 2013   10a - 2pm
             Where: Courtyard by Marriott, 10703 N. Mall Blvd. (Siegen Lane @ I-10 Next to Chili's) 
                                                          Baton Rouge, La. 

                           Limited Seating: 50 participants, reserve your seat today. $5.00
                                                                 Invite a Friend! 

                                                      Call me to reserve your seat! 
                                                                Angel'a M. Jones 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Women's Health and Fitness Expo Houston

Join me Angel'a M Jones (Certified Nutritionist) 
for FREE Nutritional Seminar: 
4:15 - 5pm  (Classroom setting) 
"Antioxidants and Why we Need Them"  
In this presentation "We will discuss the importance of antioxidants, why we need them on a daily basis, how we get them and how they make your body feel." 
5:45 - 6:30pm (Main Stage Presentation) 
Fitness, Nutrition and Super-foods
This presentation we will discuss the importance of Fitness  - how it affects the overall body, 
- understanding the difference in losing weight and reducing body fat (through exercise) and Super-foods and why we need them, daily. 

 The Women's Health and Fitness Expo Houston 
Reliant Center Houston
Saturday, June 22, 2013 
10am - 7pm 
FREE Admission